Archivio di Maggio 2017

Learning to write

One of the gifts of my profession is learning how to write. It’s a lifelong process to which there is no end, but many beginnings. I began many times, in many ways, for many reasons, and in many languages. I wrote prose and poetry, fact and fiction, letters and songs. I am not one for […] continua »

Le scatole di quindici anni fa

Bambini, sentite me: se fra quindici, vent’anni troverete le scatole con le vostre cose di quindici, vent’anni prima, buttatele a mare, dateci fuoco, scioglietele nell’acido, fate quello che volete ma non apritele. Non apritele per nessuna ragione. Oggi potete pensare che i ricordi che accumulate e mettete via gelosamente siano l’unica cosa che ci rimarrà […] continua »

Playlist 2017/19

Intro You walk around like you own the place But you never say anything I caught you walking straight through my walls. Guess it was all my fault I think I let you in. PVRIS — White Noise continua »